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Surrounding in the country side
Libournais- Dordogne valley

The libournais a great region of vineyards displays a harmonious landscape composed of hillsides crowned with chateaux and groves of trees. Like in Entre-deux-Mers, the countryside is scattered with romanesque churches and fortified houses, remains of the English presence in the middle Ages. The towns have kept their their medieval charm. Such is the case of Saint-Emilion, home of great wines, raised on two hills emerging from the vines. Thanks to its ramparts, its original monuments, its steep, narrow streets, its little squares and its houses built of old stones with their golden hue, it is one of the loveliest towns in France.

Rempart St Emilion
Le cloître st Emilion
Rue de St emilion


Upper Gironde

The Blayais region is an area which strikes the imagination, with the immense Citadel at Blaye dominating the estuary, the endless views from the chalky cliffs and the vast majesty of the Gironde river. The slow procession of cargo ships makes up one of the charms of the Gironde which is scattered with sandy islands and sandbanks uncovered at low tide. The estuary is also a fishermen's domain, especially in springtime, when the migratory fish swim back up the river to spawn; alose; smelt; sturgeon; lamprey, eel, elver...have all become gastronomic specialities of the region. The land offers very varied landscapes: pine forests marshes along the estuary with their picturesque river fishing ports, or the undulating countryside, interspersed with hillsides covered in vines offering superb views over the Dordogne.

La citadelle de vauban pont sur les douves
la citadelle de vauban - Entrée porche
la citadelle vauban: les remparts




Set between the Atlantic and the Gironde, the Medoc stretches over a hundred kilometers of a flat horizon where expanses of water, sand , forest and vine alternate. To the west, the Medoc offers the ocean a never-ending, straight beach, fringed by dunes and the vast forest of maritime pines, scattered with ponds and the large lakes of peaceful water. Seaside resorts, cycle paths, sports facilities. The beaches have preserved their untamed look and their bracing atmosphere, heavy with the mixed scents of the sea and the pines. To the east , the countryside changes into a gently rolling plain covered with vines which are pruned low , criss-crossed by the" jalles", drainage canals bordered by reeds. This is the prestigious Medoc vineyard, the land of "Chateaux" isolated in the heart of the vines. here , practically every town and village conjures up the great vintages and the chateaux and wine cellars rival each other in splendour. In order for you to discover the traditions and to learn wine tasting the choice is almost too great.

MEDOC and its famous castles Medoc : the beach in Lacanau    
The Dune is over 100 meters high and move every year  


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